Citizen Femme is a community of passionate women writers who love to travel and have accumulated great experiences in doing so. We posed the question; “What do you think will be the next big influence or trend in the travel sector” to four of their key contributors from around the globe and their answers make for a very interesting read. 

Courtney Brandt (Dubai based) is a travel writer. Her prediction for the next big trend in travel is:  
I think honesty in any form will be the largest trend.  With so many bloggers, instagrammers, and influencers going places and raving about everything, a return to genuine and critical reviews of destinations should correct the non-stop glam lifestyle.  Even if brands pay for those with followers to visit, I think it's important to show both good and bad from any property or brand. For those who write about these places, a consistent, honest voice will be more meaningful than 10 bikini shots at a pool.

Get to know Courtney:
The three words that best describe her travel style are Luxury. Global. Culinary.
Her favorite destination is Amsterdam. “It is one of the only destinations my husband and I visit regularly. We love the history, culture, public transportation, weather, and access to amazing restaurants and bars.  We've considered buying property on multiple occasions.  (Cape Town is a very close second).”


Courtney Brandt

Sheena Bhattessa (London based) is the Editor/Founder of Citizen Femme. Her prediction for the next big trend in travel is:  

It’s all about experience and that added personal touch for all travellers, everywhere. The new age of traveller wants to know that they have been thought about, carefully, that their needs are met and that hotels, brands, tourist boards are catering for them, not because they should, but because they genuinely want to provide optimal service and experiences for these travellers. The new age traveller is savvy, they are influenced by everything they see on the internet, so there is no hiding. Make the most of these travellers because they are loyal and each traveller is an influencer in their own right, they each have great reach. So, from the minute you try to draw them in, to the minute you have them, provide a level of service and custom that surpasses all else and them and their friends and family will be back for more.

Get to know Sheena:

The three words the best describe her travel style are Luxury. Culture. Service.  
Her favorite destination is Italy. “I always love Italy. The openness of the people, the food, the wine. I love walking and discovering places, founding a beautiful building or Church down the end of a secret alley, Italy is great for this and I always keep going back for more.”

Sheena Bhattessa

Anna Poplevina (LA based) is also a travel writer. Her prediction for the next big trend in travel is: 

I think the next big influence in the travel sector is using mobile apps to research, book, and get deals. Now lots of travel apps are available on your phone and you can always look up that great restaurant, hotel, or cultural site anywhere in the world. Advertising based on someone’s online search can be used by certain brands to target that person and their travel interests.

Get to know Anna:

The three words the best describe her travel style are Cultural. Luxury. Planner.
Her favorite destination is Italy. “I love how welcoming the people were, how fresh the food is, and of course the amazing history behind every neighborhood!

Anna Poplevina

Natasha Hafez (Washington DC based) is a travel writer. Her prediction for the next big trend in travel is: 

First, there are increasingly disruptive trends in the travel sector today that seem to be shattering the luxury travel status quo, shifting towards Millennials--but such Millennial-focused brands and influences will eventually go out of relevance. Brands need to understand that Millennials are not a niche youth segment of the population; they are rather today's generation that will ultimately have to give way to a newer generation.  Therefore, Millennial-focused travel brands (that may prioritize cheap costs and convenience, over quality services and safety) will need to consider changing their products to stay in the game.  Additionally, it's important to mention that another major influence that we can expect to see affecting the travel sector is environmental sustainability. Sustainability remains an especially important issue that potentially can challenge the growth of many of the fast-growing tourism destinations, products and services around the world. The future success of the travel market will highly depend upon its ability to quickly adapt to lead transformational technologies and services that accommodate such variable demands.  

Get to know Natasha:

The three words the best describe her travel style are Open-Minded, Indulgent, Savvy
Her favorite destination is not just one new place but her life-long journey.  “I travel not just to discover the world, but rather to discover my purpose and place within it. Through each new experience, culture and personality I encounter, I come to better understand more about where I fit in the grand scheme of it all. What may seem like a lifetime full of many different trips or destinations, is actually one life-long journey that shapes meaningful lessons and helps me construct a more holistic worldview.  I travel not just to explore a new place in the world but to deepen my very understanding of my place in a world. Every new destination, continues to add to the unique and new way of seeing and experiencing a comprehensive perspective I am building of the world we live in.


Natasha Hafez
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