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Our Purpose
Meet our RB APAC champions
Congratulations to the Radisson Blu Chittagong Bay View team on receiving our Asia Pacific Responsible Business award for 2017.

There are many times when I reflect on what a privilege it is to lead Responsible Business for this great company. And I was recently able to enjoy yet another one of those times, when the Radisson Blu® Chittagong Bay View in Bangladesh received the 2017 Radisson Hotel Group™ Responsible Business Hotel of the Year Award, Asia Pacific.

It makes me proud to see the dedication that our hotels around the world put into their Responsible Business activities, and how they are working to make everyone’s lives better. This award is an honor that demonstrates a real commitment to Think People, Think Community and Think Planet. 

It’s certainly a very well deserved accolade for the Radisson Blu Chittagong Bay View team. While excelling at making Every Moment Matter for their guests, they’ve consistently shown an extraordinary involvement in the Radisson Hotel Group’s Responsible Business initiatives. And to show you just how dedicated they are, here are some of the campaigns the team carried out during 2017: 

They embarked on, and completed, 11 Responsible Business projects throughout the year. One such campaign saw them provide more than 200 necessity items (such as dry food, tables, chairs, mosquito nets, standing fans, bed covers, and school bags) to a local orphanage on Christmas Day. And, during the holy month of Ramadan, the team organized special Iftar treats and fun activities at the hotel for orphans. This provided some truly special moments as the team broke their fast alongside the children. 

During Radisson Hotel Group’s worldwide Community Action Month, the hotel donated 85 water purifying units to the Red Crescent Society, which helps to provide basic amenities for those less fortunate in Chittagong. They also worked on raising awareness of water mindfulness throughout the month, using a creative method to educate guests. The hotel created a special set-up in its lobby, which simulated water droplets falling from a tree (made out of 6000 recycled water bottles), which highlighted for everyone why we have to be mindful when using one of the world’s most precious resources. 

The hotel also partnered with Orbis, the only flying eye hospital in the world – supporting its mission by providing food, beverages and accommodation when the Orbis Team arrived in Chittagong city. Another healthcare-related initiative saw the hotel host a blood donation campaign along with the Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden to raise awareness and promote the worthy cause on World Blood Donor Day. 

The Radisson Blu Chittagong Bay View team always focuses on serving their local community, even when they don’t have a particular campaign running. For instance, they often carry out various community activities like organizing beach cleaning days at the Parki Beach. The team has worked enthusiastically to collect waste – managing to remove around 900 kilograms of garbage in one day! 

It’s fair to say that the hotel has become an icon in Chittagong for its extraordinary contributions towards the community. And this is exactly why the team has won the Responsible Business award, which was presented on the 28 June 2018 to the General Manager, Mr. Robin Edwards, during our Asia-Pacific Annual Business Conference. 

As Robin Edwards, the hotel’s General Manager, said on behalf of the team: “We make Every Moment Matter for our guests and try to make the world a better place for people less fortunate than ourselves. To give is far better than receive, and to give to the ones in need is the greatest gift of all.” 

Demonstrating their true Yes I Can! spirit, the team won’t rest on its laurels. This year, they'll continue their support for the community, including the complete renovation of a slum school for local street children. They’re also looking forward to finding new ways to do more for the environment and its surroundings.  

Congratulations to the Radisson Blu Chittagong Bay View team - your award is well-deserved and I can’t wait to see the results your 2018 Responsible Business campaigns bring!

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Written by

Inge Huijbrechts
Global Senior Vice President Responsible Business and Safety & Security
17 Jul 2018


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